ENGLISH: „SHOAH – the Seminar“

The SHOAH-Seminar – an Approach

to Trauma Integration by use of Cinematic Arts

Seminar in Oberlethe (near Oldenburg/Germany)

on March 20th until 22nd 2016


There is a rediscovery of a jewel, a piece of cinematic art that offers a different and unique way of facing the shadows of the Holocaust.The 9 hour movie came out in 1985 and is the product of Claude Lanzmann who researched for a decade in the 70ies and 80ies.

He convinced witnesses victims and perpetrators alike, citizens around the death camps and the Warsaw Ghetto, as well as historians and scientists to speak about there experience, suffering, forced participation and involvement in the extinction of the european jews – as they never did before. The movie takes place partly on historic locations and at peoples homes in Germany, Poland, Israel and USA. The movie uses exclusively pictures from the present time and creates a piece of art that transcends time. By the power of suggestion it takes the audience on a journey to the darkest chapters of the late German history. Our own experience with the first seminar proved the transformative power of the process that the movie and our interventions created. The seminar is a great opportunity for you to face the collective German trauma in a intensive and contained way. We love to be with you in this process an be facilitators on our journey.


CONTENT: In this 2 day seminar we will watch the movie in several sequences, stopping here and there to leave time for presencing, digesting, connecting emotions, feelings and body expressions – using various trauma therapy interventions and the technique of transparent communication to integrate the experience. We will share and reflect in small groups and include our ancestors by a table with photographs and candles and by acknowledging their involvement no matter if as vicims or perpetrators, in resistance or indifference, displaced or murdered by the Nazi-Regime. We will open up a space to share our own family biography, reconcile and come to inner peace with our ancestors by acknowleding and honoring. The seminar will be held in German & English.


Seminar Facilitators:


Dr. Andreas Gutjahr, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, jewish family background, interested in reconciliation with ancestors and collective trauma work in Germany, Israel, participant in the Timeless Wisdom Training 4 with Thomas Hübl.


Cosima A. Köhn, Psychotherapist, Facilitator, interested in research and integration of collective trauma, specifically in Gemany and Israel/Pälestine, participant in the Timeless Wisdom Training 4 with Thomas Hübl.


Contributing Facilitators: Gregor Steinmauer, Trauma Therapist (Austria), Peter Hellwig, Therapist,(Germany) – both participants in the Timeless Wisdom Training 4 with Thomas Hübl.





Starting Sunday 20th of March. 18:00 with dinner (check in starting 17:00)

Ending Tuesday 22nd of March at 16:00


Contribution: 100,00 € , reduced rate for participants of TWT- 4 is 80,00 €, sponsored participation on request!


Seminar registration per mail to:

Andreas Gutjahr,, mobil. +49-(0)173.615 29 25


Registration for accomodation at Hof Oberlethe,

different categories available ranging from 100 € to 164 € room and full meal for the whole seminar.


Please contact Martin Konermann, email:, Tel. +49 (0) 4407 6840

Wardenburgerstrafle 24

26203 Wardenburg

2 thoughts on “ENGLISH: „SHOAH – the Seminar“

    1. Ja, das Seminar ist zweisprachig und auch als Einladung in zwei Sprachen!
      einfach auf das Menü „Veranstaltungen“ gehen ! Danke für die Nachfrage!

      mit herzlichem Gruß
      Andreas Gutjahr

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